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Post  Admin on Tue May 03, 2011 6:00 am

Here is a public/teaser of the current VIP
this hack will only be up and running for a few days then im taking it down
so have fun haxing and cheating


aimbot, <_-- aim by closest player to the crosshair that is visible and while ur pressing the "left shift key"
player chams, <_-- allows you to seem players through walls and weather they are infront of it or behind it
name ESP, <_-- team,enemy,both draws the name of the player over
their head, with a color to distinguish what team they're on
noSpread/noRecoil, <_-- you bullits go to the center of the screen
100% of the time, better than any other hack similar to this(has my own
perfectionist touch )
InstantReload, <_-- your gun reloads instantly and you dont have to wait, you just keep shooting
NoWeaponWeaight, <_-- makes you able to run holding a sniper just
like ur holding a knife, or any gun to 0 weight for that matter


- if your on win7/vista, run as admin
- CLOSE AND TURN OFF YOUR ANTI-VIRUS(this hack will not run if avast is
installed on your computer, even if its closed and turned off,
[uninstall it])
- F9 is the menu key
- [S] = save
- [L] = load
- [X] = hide menu
- if you have problems clear your [prefetch] and [temp] folders
- the hack does have a spammer attached
- install dot net fix 4.0
- install MSVC++ 2010 sp1

some SS:

kong gusto nyo ganitong cheat okaya bang cheat sa specialforce at sa crossfire mag hanap kayong coder ng crossfire at sa specialforce para makagawa tayong cheat hedi lagi nalang tayo mag cheat pag naka kuha nakayong coder ng game gagawin ko
sa microsoft visual c++ parama realese nating cheat ok tulongan nyo nmn ako mag hanap ng coder ng specialforce kahit wallhack para my magamit tayong pangdaya ok pag naka hanap nakayong coder poster nalang kayo sa web site para d na mag
kalituhan ook
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Post  madruk2011 on Wed May 04, 2011 4:07 pm

wala naman yan eh wala yun download link sana!!!

pag mag lalagay kayo ng cheats lagay nyo agad yun!!!

link.... ok...

THX................ok Cool confused


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